Cube Video are an award-winning Video, Photography & Animation Agency, offering a comprehensive range of animation types. We’ve worked with industry leading brands on creating their impressive and engaging animations.

We recommend using animation if you’re looking for a change of direction in your video content. Animation can be used to create full-length animation videos or they can be used to enhance film-footage. As Cube Video are a video, photography and animation agency, we can assist you to create any type of animation! 

Company Animations are great for giving your audience a taster and insight into your company. You can use them to tell the audience who you are and what your company values are. Explain your products and services whilst giving your brand a bit of texture and personality.

Product Animations are perfect if your product or service is a little bit tricky to understand. You can use an animation and the accompanying graphics to get the message across clearly and concisely. 

Character Animations are ideal if you’re a brand or business with personality and you like to have fun with your messaging. You can use funny or cute animated characters to tell a story or sell your products and services.

As an animation agency, we understand the client requirements and we pride ourselves on our strong customer services and unbeatable level of creativity when it comes to animation. If you’re ready to find out more, then get in touch with the team. 

company animation

product animation

character animation

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