CREATiVE corner. - Explainer Videos Can Be Adverts

2 min read 01.09.2020 Thought leadership

Explainer videos are what they say on the tin, videos that explain things. So let's jump in and see how your explainer videos can also be adverts for your brand. We will explore different examples of this from campaigns we have worked on and from the industry.

The video we'll be looking at today is a brand advert we were commissioned to produce by Bisley, for Swiss furniture maker Moving Walls. Although this video is labelled a brand ad, it's technically a product explainer video.

The product is the focus here, but instead of giving you a dreary technical jargon about how it's made and what makes it awesome, the video just shows you the product being awesome by being used in a real-life scenario.

The same can be seen in this online ad we created for paint brand Sadolin.

Again, instead of giving you technical information, the video shows you scenarios, Sadolin suggests what you should use their paints for, and that with a lick of paint, amazing results that can be achieved.

This opens up the possibility of showcasing your product in interesting and creative ways. So next time you want to make an explainer video show your product being awesome as this is an opportunity to show the best attributes of your product. People want to be able to see your product in scenarios that they can relate to.

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