5 reasons you should add animation to your marketing

4 min read 20.04.2021 Thought leadership

It should go without saying that we love film. After all, it’s an awesome tool that can help you tell your brand story, captivate your audience and showcase your business. And it’s a huge part of what we do.

But sometimes, film projects just don’t cut it – concepts are hard to explain, products and services don’t translate well on camera, or it’s simply too difficult to get everyone in the same place at the same time.

That’s where animation comes in. Here are five reasons you should try this creative approach that impresses, engages and sells:

Push beyond what’s possible

We might not be able to film in the farthest reaches of space or the darkness of the deepest sea. Yet. But with animation, anything is possible.

That includes getting everything done remotely, and on your timeline, without having to hound your five busiest stakeholders for a date they can all do: a feat that can seem impossible sometimes!

Animation allows you to push the boundaries of what you believe can be done, find a new way to visualise your offering, and take your audience to an exciting new realm. All from the comfort of your computer.

Explain complex ideas effectively

High-tech products? Complicated processes? Not a problem.

You can break down complex ideas in an explainer animation, using voiceover and visuals – such as graphics, icons and infographics – to guide and educate the viewer easily and effectively.

Tell your story in your way

Welcome to complete creative freedom. Animation allows you to tell your story in a style that’s as unique as your brand while staying true to your guidelines and tone of voice.

Select from character, illustrative, drawing and 3D options. Add a professional voiceover and music that resonates. Whatever you choose, make it completely, undeniably “you”.

Capture your audience’s attention

From tiny toddlers watching animated pigs on TV to the elderly flicking through newspaper cartoons, it’s clear that animation appeals to everyone. That includes your audience – whoever they are and whatever their demographic.

Use it to grab the attention of customers, and potential customers, with colourful visuals and sound that’ll entice them and keep them watching.

And importantly… get those results

Speaking of keeping people captivated, did you know that Google rewards you with a higher search ranking the longer people stay on your website? Animation is one amazing way to engage people (and make sure they stick around).

It can also help explain things in a way that reassures people and drives them to buy, increasing conversion rates, and act as an impactful sales tool when promoted by your sales teams.

Plus, as it works across all platforms, you’ll be able to reach new prospects everywhere.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to our team today by using our live chat or visiting our contact page, and let’s get you animated.

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