How live streaming can help businesses win

6 min read 07.07.2021 Insights

You’d be forgiven for believing that live streaming is an activity reserved for avid gamers.

But you don’t need a console and a controller to profit from this tool that can boost brand awareness, position your business as a thought leader, and empower you to connect with potential customers virtually.

Live streaming is blowing up. According to Tech Jury, the industry grew 99% between April 2019 and April 2020, and is expected to be valued at $185bn by 2027.

Meanwhile, the Content Marketing Institute has discovered that today, two-thirds of marketers that target consumers use live streaming for marketing.

Here are five situations in which you can use live streaming to supercharge your online presence and enjoy all those fantastic benefits:



Host your own tiny talk show, and you might just draw a huge audience.

Find a host – that could even be you – and invite experts within your industry to appear as panellists while you tackle topics relevant to your audience. Zoom provides an easy way to do this without having to get everyone in the same room.

Generate a buzz on your social channels beforehand, and get people excited about joining.

Product Launches

Apple’s infamous WWDC took place completely online in 2020. And it was watched by 22 million viewers.

While you might not see quite that many tuning into yours, launches provide an exciting way to present your latest product or service to key people and the press. Not to mention that access to exclusive coverage is the reason 26% of viewers tune into live streams in the first place.

We recommend that your launch is hosted by a senior leader or product expert, who focuses on the “why” behind the product and clearly explains the benefit to your customer.

In the lead up to the event, make a teaser video to spark intrigue, and add a sign-up page to your website that captures the details of people who want to attend.

product launches


The secret to a successful online conference? Take a handful of expert speakers, add some interesting topics, give the audience the ability to network, and encourage relevant, meaningful comments.

By providing attendees with a balance of information and opportunities for connection, you’ll offer them real value: a chance for them to grow their knowledge as well as their networks.


Webinars work well as a lead generation tool for new business and can uplift brand awareness.

Take a look at what’s happening in your industry right now. Investigate current trends. Consider topics that have provoked debate among your peers. And take that discussion online!

Create a simple way for people to register, and make sure everyone receives a confirmation email and calendar invite.

The day before the event, send a reminder email to attendees to guarantee you get the highest attendance possible.

Afterwards, share a recording of the session with people who attended – and those who were unable to.


Interviews and Q & A Sessions

Want to build a community of like-minded people? Keen to interact with your audience in real time? The best way to do that is by hosting an interview or Q & A session with relevant people from your business or industry.

Before you go live, ask your audience what they’d like to know from you or your guest so you can kick off with some pre-prepared questions and answers.

Then, on-stream, you can invite attendees to submit questions that you, your speaker or your panel can tackle on the fly.

Whatever you live stream, make sure it counts.

We’d be delighted to help you create teaser videos, perfect your live streaming setup, or offer general support as you take to the online stage. No battle-royale-style fight to the death necessary.

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