Women in production #IWD2023

3 min read 09.03.2023 Projects

To mark International Women's Day 2023, we celebrate women in production - within our team, across our network and around the world.

With just 30% of British film crew being female over the last 10 years, we wanted to sit down with some of the amazing women in production to learn about their careers and experiences.

Hear from Commercials Director, Clemence Bartram, Professional Photographer, Pennie Withers and our very own CUBE™ Production Coordinator, Abi Cobley.

CUBE™ Production Coordinator, Abi, explained: "Having a space for women to be in this industry, in the roles that they want to be in, is what’s important to me.”

Abi leads CUBE UP!, our work experience programme here at CUBE, providing a platform for anybody with an interest in production, regardless of their gender, to kick-start their career.

Commercials Director, Clemence, added: “I think being a Director, there’s a certain amount of authority that comes with it. I do think that people are more inclined to see tall men with deep voices as authority figures…”

Having never had a female mentor or manager, and with most women that she works with in the industry being either Producers or Account Managers, Clemence explains that there’s still some obstacles to overcome.

Growing up surrounded by her Dad’s love of photography, professional photographer, Pennie, always had a huge interest in the industry, but had never thought it’d be where she’d build her career.

Pennie explains: “I think nowadays, certainly with digital photography, it’s easier to enter the industry. So I guess, that probably helps...”

At CUBE™, we're passionate about supporting anyone with a passion for production to get started within the industry, regardless of their gender.

Our CUBE UP! work experience programme provides a platform for ambitious young people to take their first steps towards their career.

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