Are MetaHumans transforming the future of marketing?

5 min read 04.07.2022 Thought leadership

Creating convincing digital humans has traditionally been a timely and costly process, accessible to only the biggest names in the game.

From Lord of the Rings to Fortnite, we’ve seen digital humans feature in some of the top titles over the years, changing the way that audiences engage with and relate to on-screen characters.

Advancements in technology are now making the creation of these characters easier than ever before, allowing brands from all industries and of all sizes the opportunity to harness its potential.

The rise of metahumans

MetaHumans and the future of marketing

The rise of MetaHumans opens doors to a whole new world, offering brands an opportunity to create unique, digital content and enhance interactive experiences.

With ongoing developments to technology, users are now able to build multiple character variations, considering everything from environment and outfit to language and dialect.

In a study conducted by Forrester for Unreal Engine, 82% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that the development of this real-time technology will expand how they interact with their customers.

So, how can we move beyond gaming and film production, and utilise MetaHumans within marketing?

Brand Ambassadors

Platforms such as Unreal Engine’s MetaHuman Creator are allowing marketers to create reusable and timeless digital assets to represent their brand across multiple platforms, ensuring brand consistency.

While the use of digital avatars as brand ambassadors has been popular in Asia for some time, this concept is fairly new to the western world - but big name brands are already getting on board!

Prada, L’oreal and Puma are showing us how it’s done, as they opt out of traditional celebrity ambassadors and employ virtual influencers to promote their products in recent campaigns.

Prada Candy Rethink Reality Instagram

Relatable and believable personas

With a growing demand for quality customer experience, personalisation is key.

Marketers can now create high quality, high definition MetaHumans that show real emotion, retain information and engage with customers in real-time.

This tech allows brands to immerse their customers within hyper-personalised and interactive experiences.

Think virtual learning, events, website concierge - the possibilities are endless!

Unreal Engine Metahumans

Localisation at speed and scale

Reducing cost and production time, this innovative solution allows brands to create global marketing campaigns, tailored to multiple audiences, at the touch of a button.

Marketers no longer need to create individual, localised versions of their campaigns, but can now control everything from language to environment without leaving the studio.

Unreal Engine Metahuman Creator

The versatility that this tech offers is sure to change the game for brands, worldwide. Growing in acceptance and now accessible to all, we’ll be watching to see who will gain a unique advantage as an early adopter within this space.

Our very own Roy Kimani, CUBE Creative Director, joined Marketing Fusions Virginia Bray and Charisma’s Guy Gadney to explore ‘The rise of MetaHumans - imagination made real’. Watch the replay here.

Images: Unreal Engine