5 reasons to add video to your recruitment campaign

6 min read 13.10.2021 Thought leadership

As of February 2021, there were an estimated 601,000 job vacancies. With brands rethinking and recalibrating over the course of the pandemic, businesses have found themselves thinking deeply about their values, business goals, culture, and team.

Did you know that millennials will spend approximately 46 months applying for jobs throughout their lives? That's a lot of scrolling through a lot of pages! Put yourself in your candidate's shoes, they are looking for their next role and all they get is repetitive messaging and reams of text to look through, this is where you can stand out. These are our top 5 reasons why you should use video in your recruitment campaign!

1. Stand out from the crowd

Scrolling through job sites - as I’m sure you'll agree - can begin to take its toll on your candidates. When listing after listing begins to blur into one, it is hard to stand out. The beauty of video is that it captures your attention, and in a short space of time can get across far more than endless text. Even better, you could send your candidates to a careers page with video at the forefront.

2. Appeal to sought after candidates

Including video as part of your recruitment campaign can help your vacancy appeal to candidates who are going to expect more from a job listing. You need to capture their attention! Remember, to a highly desirable candidate, your business is also auditioning and you want to make a great first impression. With other good offers on the table, a well-crafted video can be the decision-swayer that makes them want to apply.

3. Bring your employer brand to life, culture is key

Moving jobs is a stressful time and with lots of options on the table, candidates are looking for a business that they can not only work for but work with. People and culture have become ever more important in the business landscape. Video allows you to show your candidates that you’re not just a great business, you’re good people. Showcase your team, activities, charity initiatives, cool office features, days out, office working, hybrid working, and let your team do the talking by using soundbites on why they love working for your business.

4. Perfect for social

With businesses having an audience across lots of different channels, video is about as versatile as it gets. It can be used across all major platforms and can be cut up into optimized formats to target audiences on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and more - social media is a recruitment hub for younger talent. Announcing your new role with a video can engage audiences on these platforms and drive them to your job listing, which in turn generates more traffic and can reduce your advertising costs on your recruitment platform. It also targets ‘passive’ job seekers, who weren’t even looking - until they saw your video!

5. Add some sparkle

A recent survey found that 31% of HR professionals struggle to tell engaging stories about ‘boring topics’. Huge paragraphs of explaining text aren’t exciting, especially for new hires or entry-level candidates trying to get their head around your business or sector’s jargon. Video adds that bit of sparkle to create a more engaging and fun style of storytelling, helping communicate who you are and what you do to a candidate in your own tone of voice - much better than reading it off a page!

Using video within your recruitment process will help you stand above the crowd and allow you to showcase what your business is all about, why people love where they work and it is a great opportunity to showcase the company culture you've worked hard to build. To chat about how video can strengthen your recruitment campaign, contact us on 01628 260627 or at today!