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corporate video Production

What is a corporate video?

A corporate video is content that embodies the message or ethos of your company. It’s a digestible form of content that helps to showcase your brand, to both new and old consumers, whether your business is B2B or B2C. Corporate videos can embody or incorporate a broad spectrum of content, from live action to animation. The fun part is these formats don’t have to be exclusive; they can easily be merged to create any form of video that meets the needs of your business.

Why do you need a corporate video?

Videos are a crucial element of modern marketing and communications strategies. They develop brand awareness levels, encourage audience interaction and play a crucial role in influencing consumers, making video a valuable asset in promoting your corporate message.

Within your business, they can help to explain the message and methodology behind your business. A training video is a great way of introducing your new employees to what your business stands for, and the legacy they are now contributing towards. They also help to announce business updates, such as new policies or new company members.

Outside your business, corporate videos can be used to boost awareness of your brand to old and new consumers alike. Where you’re recruiting new prospective colleagues, a recruitment video can be a quick, effective way of grabbing people’s attention and convincing them you’re the company for them. An explainer video can advertise the benefits of your product or service and boost sales.

Whether you’re explaining your business ethos, or the complexity of a product or service, a video can help your target audience get a clear, engaging visual of what you’re offering them.

What types of corporate videos are there?

Each corporate video serves a different purpose, but they are all united by the drive to help people engage with your business’ story and message. The different types of corporate video we offer include:

Our production process for corporate videos

Video Objectives

First, it’s important to outline what your targets are. What are your objectives? What do you hope to achieve? By answering these questions, we can begin to understand what you want your video to achieve, and what type of corporate video would suit your needs. Setting objectives also helps to measure the success of the video.

Audience Research

Next step for us is to do some research and agree with you who the target audience is for your video. Are you targeting marketing executives? Or is the sales team your focus? If it’s a product video, is this video focused on attracting new customers? What’s the industry focus? Creating a detailed profile of audience personas will help understand what the video needs to contain.

Corporate Message

Once you know who your audience is, we can begin to formulate the underlying message of the video. This is a process where we work closely with you to ensure the message aligns with your corporate messaging and follows your brand guidelines.

Creative Concept

Now we have the objective, the audience, and the message, it’s time to develop the concept. This is the core idea that will be used to bring it all together.

Production: Script and Storyboard

Once the story concept has been agreed upon, we can begin to bring the idea to life by writing the script. Alongside this, we create a storyboard to provide a visual breakdown. This allows us to establish the video on a scene by scene basis and get an initial idea of the camera angles we want to use. This is also when we can see how any additional elements such as animation sequences fit within the video.


Once the storyboard is agreed upon, filming commences. For any live action shots, we’ll agree the time and place with you beforehand. To provide the most authentic view of your business we recommend shooting in and around your office’s location. Dependent on the chosen concept, we might need to hire additional heads to appear in the video.

Post-production: Editing

We enter post-production upon the completion of filming. This is when we bring everything together. The footage is edited together. This is the stage where after effects, such as animation, graphics or sound effects, are added to the video.

Success (and publication)

The video is ready! The next step is for you (the client) to publish and distribute the video as required. This is an area we can provide further support on, to ensure you maximise the engagement on your video.

Let’s get creative… If you’ve got a corporate video in mind, then get in touch

Our previous projects in Corporate Video Production

To give you an idea of what we can do, here are some examples of what we can do for corporate videos.

Morris & Co Brand Video

A corporate video to showcase the history and brand story of Morris & Co.

Give an Hour Promotional Video

A promotional video for partner agency, The Careers and Enterprise company, casting light on their Give an Hour campaign.

Why choose Cube Video?

We work closely with you

During the filming process, we become an extension to your team and work in partnership with you to deliver on your vision. We want you to be as involved as you like. However, we’re happy to do idea generation and manage the whole project from end-to-end.

We know our industry

At Cube Video we have knowledge and expertise in all elements of filming and production. Our team is full of creative individuals that dedicate themselves to producing the right content for your needs.

We favour a strategic approach

We’ll work with you to guarantee your video achieves its objectives. Having a plan of action from the start means you always have your goal in mind. By doing this we ensure you’re getting the best return of investment for your money.



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