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Having worked on some interesting and topical documentaries such as “Living With Plastics” and “Working With Ceramics”, the team at Cube Video have both experience and passion for documentary videos. 

We love working on longer projects and educating audiences through the power of video. The reason we started Cube Video is because we wanted to be storytellers and documentaries gave us a platform to be able to do this.

Our purpose, as an award-winning video, animation and photography agency, is to work with our clients to help them to achieve their goals through these digital techniques. Creating a longer, more engaging piece of content can prove to be really effective if you have a lot to say. Whilst any business or brand can use a documentary style video, we tend to encourage our clients to use them when they have something important to say.

Generally, a documentary will follow a strong narrative, whether this is a journey of a person, a brand or a product but they should be educational and informative and leave the audience with some new information or knowledge that they didn’t know prior to watching the video. 

Engage and educate your audience with a series of bespoke documentary videos which relate to your business or brand and bring a subject to life for your audience. Get in touch today and let’s get creative on your next documentary.

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