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Easter eggs are commonly associated with the Easter weekend; sending and receiving chocolate eggs (we’re not complaining!) and taking part in Easter Egg Hunts, but there’s also a geekier type of Easter egg which us video nerds get really excited about all year round… 

The term ‘Easter egg’ in the world of video refers to an object hidden in digital media, such as a video game or movie, for you, the viewer, to find. A virtual easter egg hunt!

If you’re an avid reader you may have already discovered why there’s so much excitement built around these secret messages from the popular dystopian book ‘Ready Player One’. If you haven’t read it, then we’d recommend you do… Who are we kidding? Just watch the film! Ready Player One really sets the scene as to why the digital ‘Easter egg’ hunt is a big thing in our world. We won’t give you any spoilers. 

Often these Easter eggs have been placed within a movie or game by the designer or director, their little secret. They could be anything from a secret joke to a hidden room on a level of a game.

Here are some of our favourites:

Raiders of the Lost Ark

A film so filled with Easter eggs, there are whole web pages devoted to pointing them out. Beyond the obvious, there is a major link to this movie and Star Wars, that both star Harrison Ford. Indiana Jones holds up a golden artefact at one point. One of the hieroglyphs showing on it is both C3PO and R2-D2.

Fight Club

Fight Club has an Easter egg that you can see every time that you watch it. However, you may have never noticed it. There is a coffee cup in every single scene of Fight Club. A Starbucks coffee cup to be exact. Go back and watch it and you will see although, some you have to look for

In a movie that rejected corporate branding – it’s ironic that the director added these Easter eggs.

Star Wars Episode 1

We have to admit to this being our favourite Easter egg of all time. In Episode One, the action starts with a council meeting where the pods are discussing the state of the federation. If you pause the scene and scan around in one of the pods you can see E.T and all his family.

The Shining in Toy Story

In the world of Toy Story the toys are living, breathing creatures who have to keep that fact a secret from the humans around them. You probably missed multiple Easter egg references to Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. Including the floor tiles in Sid’s house from the first movie.

So next time you’re watching a movie or playing a game, keep an eye out for those little things in the background… You never know, it might start you on your very own Easter egg hunt! 

*We’d like to caveat this blog post to say that we absolutely promise that we’ve never hidden any Easter eggs in our client’s work… We’re professionals 😉