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frequently asked questions


We’re a friendly bunch, so if you have any additional questions don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help! Take a look at the frequently asked questions below to find out more about Cube Video and our services.

Are Cube Video the right people for the job if I want multiple videos?

Certainly! We have 6 full-time employees dedicated to film-making and animation and alongside this, we also have a select number of freelance people that we work with on larger projects. No matter how big or small your project is, we urge you to get in touch.

I want a video, can you help me with the ideas?

Sure thing! We are a full-service creative video agency which means that we will be there for the whole journey, helping you with ideas and then signing off the finished project.

How quickly will I get my video?

Obviously this depends on the scale of the project but we always aim to turn videos round in no more than 4 working days.

Do I need a script?

If you know what you want to say, it would be handy to have some notes. Otherwise we are very happy to prompt you and ask “interview-style” questions to ensure that you cover all the necessary topics. We have talented script writers here at Cube Video so feel free to let us help you with scripting!

Do you have any clothing advice for filming?

Try to wear plain clothes, nothing too patterned that could distract viewers. Also, ladies – if you like getting your nails done, we recommend you have them done before filming in case we do close ups on your hands!

Can I make amendments?

Obviously, it is your video but we do ask that you trust our creative expertise initially and then we will send you drafts for you to add your input and then we can make amendments. In extreme circumstances, too many amendments might result in a fee due to the time spent changing things.

We've never done any filming before, what's your advice?

Getting professional photos, videos and animation content is so important in the digital age (we’re not being biased!) Audiences are always on the go and they want content which they can engage with quickly and is visually impacting. You don’t need to have done anything like this before you just need an idea of what you’d like, a budget and ideally some willing people to take part! All of the Cube Video Team are highly skilled and experienced with filming and we can therefore help people feel at ease and comfortable when filming. 

What is your workflow process?

Initially we kickoff with an introductory meeting or phone call where we identify your requirements. From here we will then go away and work on a proposal which can contain as little or as much information as you need. Generally this includes some idea generation, visuals, an overview about us and then your quote. The next step is for us to have a ThinkCube (think tank) session where we come up with ideas which we turn into storyboards. We then arrange filming dates and times which is closely followed by post-production and editing leading you to your finished product!

Does it matter what my business does?

Not at all! We have filmed everything from global HQ’s and plumbing companies to interior design and drone footage of the beach in Margate. We’ve worked with brands and businesses of all shapes and sizes from a variety of sectors and industries. Just get in touch and we can find out more about what you do! 

Do you have a brochure?

Sure thing – drop us an email; and we can either send you a digital version or get it in the post to you – whatever your preference may be.