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Whether you have heard of Hero, Hub, Hygiene or not, it is a great way to schedule and plan your content. Hero, Hub, Hygiene is a strategy invented by Google themselves that breaks down how you can approach your channel strategy. Using this method you can map out what different types of videos you can create for your business.

Begin by thinking about what your brand has to offer, what makes it stand out and how you can help people with their problems.


Hero content is for your go big campaigns where you want to make a splash, spread brand awareness and excite the audience. Its purpose is to grab the viewer's attention and these tend to be campaign focused and one-off projects that require more investment in time and resources but are likely to help generate significant returns. The aim is to make a big impact to a large volume of people and generate coverage so people see your brand across the platforms you use. Start by asking yourself what kind of impact you want to make, how you can make this impact and how your hero campaign will cut-through the noise and be seen.

A great example of effective hero content is the annual John Lewis Christmas advert. Each year they push the boundaries and create a memorable and shareable advert which engages with the viewer and exposes the brand to a wider audience.

We hope you have found this guide helpful and now have an insight into Hero, Hub and Hygiene. If you would like to discuss how your business can utilise this method we’d be happy to help.


With hygiene content pulling in new visitors, hub content is designed to target specific groups and regularly engage with them. The aim is to provide value to the viewer and help start a conversation. What do your target audience care about? What do they talk about? What gets them thinking? Asking yourself these questions will form the basis of your hub strategy.

The goal is to build brand awareness and encourage and increase audience engagement. The content should be more topical and shareable and give the viewer new ways of thinking, ways of doing things and the trends in the marketplace. By providing this content you want the viewer to engage, share, comment and subscribe and look forward to your next instalment.

Great examples of this are vlogs, customer testimonials, product launches and behind the scenes.

Hygiene content is also known as help content

Hygiene content is what it says on the tin, content that can help the viewer. It is used to draw new people to your brand, driving brand awareness and increasing engagement with your audience. The best way to think about this is by asking yourself what your audience might be searching for and what queries your business can answer. Help content should include tutorials, how-to videos and answers to the most popular questions asked in your area of expertise.

Start by using Google or YouTube to search for different terms that relate to your business. Once you have identified high-volume search terms think about how you can add value to these questions. A help video needs to clearly and simply address the questions and provide useful insight, tips and advice. By producing videos that inspire people and solve problems, your brand instantly becomes one that the viewer will trust.

Examples of hygiene content are how-to videos and tutorials a bit like this example from Crown Paints.

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