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It is estimated that on average 4 to 12 million metric tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean each year. By 2050 it is widely reported that the amount of plastic in the sea will outweigh the amount of fish!

As devastating as this is, this does not come as a shock to a lot of us. Over the last few years, we have been shown how bad the problem is with plastic pollution, with the BBC series Blue Planet II really highlighting this to the whole nation. Since the launch of that series we have seen the government react with its 25-year environment plan, looking to ban wet wipes, plastic straws and reduce the use of plastic bags with most supermarkets already taking up the 5p charge.

As part of Design Insider’s Materials series, we co-produced, shot, edited and further investigated this subject with material expert Jim Biddulph looking at how design can combat the plastic problem.


With a focus on materials design magazine Design Insider approached Cube Video to produce a series of documentaries for their Materials series. Their requirement was to help educate and inspire their audience on how materials can be in innovative ways. This particular video need to focus on plastics and inform, educate and inspire their audience.


Cube Video’s approach was to challenge the use of plastic within a documentary video. Driven by research intro the material and how people are using it in innovative ways Cube Video produced a 10 minute short documentary that featured artists, innovators, influencers and businesses and showcased how they have used the material in innovative ways. 

Cube Video researched, project managed, directed, filmed and edited the documentary and also provided a trailer and social edits for their channels. 

The main video was supported by social assets such as Instagram stories, visual stats and 30 second edits. A trailer was produced to build anticipation and a newsletter was sent out promoting its release. 

Each person/business featured was provided with social edits to be shared on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Key stakeholders also shared the content on LinkedIn.


The Materials series gained over 25,000 views across various platforms and gained national and local press from publications such as; designboom and the Maidenhead Advertiser. The most satisfying result for both Design Insider and Cube Video was that they were able to educate and inspire action on how people use and consider the recycling of plastic. 

The People

A special thank you to all the companies and individuals that took part in this short documentary, Daniel Webb of Everyday Plastic, James Shaw of James Shaw Studio, Caroline Till of Franklin Till, John Khoo of Interface and Paul Rose of National Geographic.


Daniel Wedd – Everyday Plastic

Paul Rose – Explorer / National Geographic

James Shaw – Artist

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