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Scanprobe came to Cube Video with the requirement for 2 videos;

1. An advert to be aired in the US on a 100ft screen

2. A quirky and personality filled About Us video r


An advert to be launched in the US market at the Notre Dame Stadium. Scanprobe needed an advert which showcased the product and a second video which told the story of Scanprobe and the personalities behind the business.


We started with the basics, what do people want to see and how can the story be told? We decided to tell the story from a plumbers perspective, this would enable us to show the real life use cases for the product and build trust with the audience from a tradesman perspective. This would help potential buyers see how it could be sold and used. 

On-location in Surrey we film at a location house and at an industrial estate. We developed the brief using the ThinkCube, storyboarded, wrote a poem, directed and produced and provided distribution advice and subtitled videos for social media.


Premiered at a buyers event at the Notre Dame Stadium in Indiana, USA. The feedback from the client was that it was very well received and help build interest in the Scanprobe products.

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