Whether you need video, animation or help in producing a video marketing strategy - we offer a full suite of products to facilitate your objectives. Showreel
Brand video.

Tell your brand story through video and showcase your products and services. Brand videos are a powerful tool to build rapport.

3D Visualisation.

Take your products to another dimension using photorealistic 3D photography and video. The possibilities really are endless.

Product / explainer animation.

Using animations can really demonstrate your products and bring them to life in a way that will resonate with your audience.

Case study video.

Show off your products, services and customers with case study videos that bring your brand to life and position you as experts.

Live Streaming.

Take your next event, product launch or seminars live through high quality production

How-to video.

Enhance your content by using a video to do the talking, explain how-to in an interesting way to keep your audience watching.

Podcast production.

End-to-end production from scripting and capture through to editing and promotion.

Social media content.

Engage your audience with optimised videos, animations and GIFs.


People engage more with videos, use a documentary style piece to educate your audience in an instructional way.

Event videos.

Let us capture the magic of your events creating highlights videos to share and other content to promote your business.

Influencer campaigns.

In the digital age, influencers have a huge amount of buying power of the audience. Use them in your campaigns to boost ROI.


If you’re a multi-national brand then we can offer localisation services in terms of translation and native captions.

CUBE Studio

We have our own studio from which we can live stream, produce interview-based content, product videos and create magic with green screen. This can also be used for photography, set builds and product photography.

Find out more here.

CUBE Photography studio


We are passionate about every brand realising their potential through video. Whatever your project, idea or budget we will help you achieve your goals. We are always happy to chat video and offer advice - just click on our chatbox and say hello!

“They were an absolute joy to work with and really know their stuff”
Charlie Hughes, Lindegate
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