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Seeing as you have invested time and money in creating your video, it is important to get the views it deserves! Aimlessly putting your video on your website without a plan of attack will yield a small return.

To make the biggest impact follow these 5 ways to get more video hits that matter.

1. Make videos that will interest your target audience.

Sounds like common sense… But if you create videos that are going to interest, inspire or encourage your target audience then they are more likely to trust you, buy from you or share your video content.

2. Put your video on your homepage or about page

Posting your video on important pages on your website is a great way to get people to interact with your video and website. This is the best way to convey your message in a short and precise way. Make sure you brand your video player to fit with your website and enable social sharing links so that your audience can share to their networks.

End your video with a Call To Action to drive your engaged viewer to your desired page or tell them what the next step may be.

Call to action

3. Share your video on your blog

Write a blog post featuring your latest video and let your readers know about your new blog post and video. Use the space wisely by embedding your video at 640x360 and adding some context to the video with texts and even images. This will also help drive your video and blog post up in the search engine results.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 13.42.17

4. Share your video in a email campaign

Sending our latest video within an email campaign to clients, prospects and connections will help you reconnect and continue your relationship as well as reintroduce your company or product.

Encourage your client base to share it with their networks to maximise your audience reach.

Pick your thumbnail wisely and include a play button to drive your viewers to click. This is a great way to drive engagement with your email and video.

5. Share on social media

Sharing your video on your social streams will help you get the video in front of people at the click of a button! Use blogs, forums, Facebook groups, Twitter, LinkedIn Groups, and websites that your target audience interact with.

Make sure that if anyone interacts with your post, that your reply and continue the conversation!

Following these simple steps can help you drive more awareness to your video and company. If you have any other tips you recommend then please share below.

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