Astro Lighting Product Videos

Type Video These product videos used storytelling to engage the viewer and were optimised for use on different social media platforms.

Capturing the magic behind the light

The creation of a bespoke piece of design starts with passion and innovation. We had the pleasure of producing a series of videos on these unique and bespoke lights from Astro.

The goal

  • To create a cohesive series of videos that feature designers and products.
  • Assets that can improve the UX experience of the Astro website.
  • Maximise engagement from the Instagram audience.

Our process

The key to product videos is captivating the audience through strong narrative, creative visuals and athletically pleasing content. Each product's conception began with Astro Lighting designers sketching for inspiration. We wanted to showcase the process and the stories behind the design to create impactful content that would perform well on the client’s website but could also be optimised for social media.

“We wanted to showcase the process and stories behind the design and aesthetics of the lighting.”
Owen Riseley, Lead Producer

The outcome

A series of videos that focus on the ideation, inception and creation of the Halftone collection by Astro Lighting. We wanted to create an engaging and emotive storyline that showcased the designer behind the product.

  • 3 designer-led videos
  • 1:1 optimised videos for Instagram
  • Website banner videos
Halftone Astro Lighting
lighting designer
lighting design


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