Bisley MultiDesk Animation

Type Animation Dynamic 2D animation for the godfather of filing cabinets, Bisley that told the humble story of the filing cabinet and where it has evolved to today.

Fun and dynamic just like the product

Working with such an iconic product is no mean feat - we wanted to make sure the animation we created was as dynamic as the product.

The goal

  • To tell the story of the evolution of the iconic product.
  • Create a video that was on-brand and dynamic and would stand out on social.
  • Showcase the flexibility of the product through options, attachments and available colours.

Our process

Working closely with the client our lead producers research the history of the product, available range and the channels where it was going to be used. This informed our creative direction to create an engaging, fun and informative animation that showcases the backstory, flexibly of the product and the fun you can have with it.

  • Stakeholder call to align requirements and desired outcomes
  • Research
  • Asset creation
  • Photography
  • Storyboarding
  • Animation
  • Optimisation

The outcome

  • A series of videos for the Bisley website, YouTube channel and Instagram.
  • On-brand content that fits well within the website and on channels.

You can find out more about the product on the Bisley website.

“We all love working with you guys. You produce amazing video but whats really important is how well we work together.”
Jo, Head of Marketing

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