CUBE Studio unveil new virtual production studio.

6 min read 15.03.2023 News

We're excited to introduce CUBE Studio; our brand new 6,500 square-foot, state-of-the-art virtual production studio which will open its doors this April, providing a full-service solution for advertising agencies, production houses, enterprise businesses and film and TV.

Located just outside of the M25 and easily reachable from London, CUBE Studio combines innovative LED technology with industry-leading game engines, camera-tracking, graphic servers and premium facilities.

The Berkshire-based studio is home to a 10.5x5.5m LED volume, crafted with Unilumin Upad IV LED panels, which feature HDR image quality, a pixel pitch of 2.5 mm and new DDC (dual drive configuration) technology, plus Brompton Technology processing, to deliver visual excellence.

Joining the Vū Network, Vū’s global studio network, CUBE Studio becomes the first UK and Europe based virtual production studio, powered by Vū Technologies.

An emerging force in shaping the growing virtual production market, Vū blends art and science to redefine virtualisation and unlock new ways to visualise the world.

CUBE Studio Virtual Production

James Hakesley, Co-Founder and CEO of CUBE Studio said: “We’re passionate about empowering content creators and visionaries to push creative boundaries, through access to the very latest technical and visual innovations.

“We’re extremely proud to be joining forces with Vū to bring the entire industry a valuable asset, and one which we believe, will be a catalyst for growth for virtual production across the UK and Europe.”


“We created the Vū Network because artistic expression and immersive storytelling are fleeting - moving faster than the speed of thought - and we don’t want anyone excluded from this experience,” said Tim Moore, CEO of Vū.

“The Vū Network is a way for us to scale our expertise and knowledge to ensure that artists everywhere can take advantage of everything that virtual production has to offer today - limitless storytelling, limitless possibilities, limitless creativity.

“CUBE Studio is the embodiment of everything we believe in - they are a team of creatives, storytellers and innovators who are perfectly poised to continue what we started in North America and bring a standard of excellence to virtual production to the UK and Europe.”

CUBE Studio Virtual Production

Delivering a triple-threat of speed, efficiency, and enhanced creative capability, virtual production represents a paradigm shift in the way movies, commercials and brand campaigns are being created.

Roy Kimani, Co-Founder and Director of Innovation for CUBE Studio said: “Virtual production represents a new era in content creation for leading production houses and advertising agencies.

“We're proud to be partnering with Vū to put this exciting, real-time technology into the hands of the next generation of creatives, and are looking forward to enabling production teams to push the boundaries of what’s possible.".

Adoption of virtual production techniques has been accelerated in recent years, as productions place increasing importance on sustainability.

Calling for smaller crew sizes, reducing travel and enabling virtual collaboration throughout the production process, CUBE Studio supports content creators to embrace sustainable production techniques while exploring innovative technology solutions.

CUBE Studio Virtual Production
CUBE Studio Virtual Production

Designed with comfort and experience at the forefront, CUBE Studio features:

6.5mx5m drive-in vehicle access to the LED stage, with unloading bay
Viewing platform with views of the LED stage
Production office, kitchen and refreshment facilities
Spacious greenroom and breakout lounge for cast and crew
Dressing rooms and hair and make–up suites
On-site parking
Dedicated high-speed internet access
Fresh air ventilation system
Separate kit and build area
Local amenities and transport just a few minutes from the studio

Proud to partner with a network of leading technology partners, the studio features Brompton Technology SX40 and XD Distribution control systems, Mo-Sys StarTracker camera tracking and Puget Systems workstation.

Visit to discover more and to book the studio for your upcoming virtual production project.