NAB Show 2023 Trends & Takeaways

7 min read 27.04.2023 Insights

Our CUBE™ CEO, James Hakesley, and Creative Producer, Owen Riseley, touched down in Las Vegas earlier this month for the 2023 NAB Show Centennial.

Celebrating the very best in broadcast, media and entertainment, and now in its 100th year, NAB Show gathers creatives and visionaries from around the world to experience innovation in action and harness the power of possibility.

Returning for a second year, and as CUBE Studio’s NAB debut, it was brilliant to connect with creatives and visionaries from around the world to explore innovative video production techniques and technologies, with a big focus on virtual production!

NAB Show 2023
NAB Show 2023

The move to virtual.

It was no surprise to see virtual production take centre stage at this year’s NAB, proving a hot topic for many exhibitors and attendees.

Since the initial buzz at last year’s show, it was great to see the excitement continue to build, with a packed agenda of workshops, panels, activations and events.

And with different strands of production now focusing on the move to virtual, the show floor was filled with exhibitors showcasing innovative products and new features that integrate into virtual worlds.

James are Owen showcased our new virtual production studio, CUBE Studio, within the Great British Pavilion, connecting with visitors from across the world to talk all things virtual production - from content to creative.

CUBE NAB Show 2023
CUBE NAB Show 2023

Panels & events.

NAB 2023 offered a show-stopping lineup of featured speakers, with topics covering everything from emerging technologies to cinematic trends and techniques.

Our CUBE™ CEO, James, and Creative Producer, Owen, were invited to speak on a number of our industry partners' panels, alongside connections from across our network.

CUBE Vu NAB Show 2023

Owen kicked off our NAB Show in Vū and Unilumin’s Virtual Production Central, featuring on the Virtually Limitless panel.

Here, Owen spoke about how we can use virtual production to create new realities and present the world in a different way - as well as emerging technologies and how these can be used to streamline processes.

James later joined the Vū team to discuss The Virtual Network as he spoke about launching CUBE Studio, our approach to VAD and the power of being connected by the Vū Studio Network.

Vū's Virtual Production workshop, taking place in their Las Vegas Studio, was one of our many highlights from NAB 2023. Covering everything from cinematography to lighting in the volume, we were able to see virtual environment lighting and on-set lighting being adjusted in real-time, to perfectly compliment each other.

CUBE LucidLink NAB Show 2023

Owen joined LucidLink's Managing Global Creative Workflows panel, alongside industry experts including Shopify, to discuss best practices for maximising creativity and efficiency with globally distributed teams.

James later spoke on LucidLink's Enabling Remote Collaboration in Virtual Production Environments panel, exploring how virtual production is being used and what this means for the traditional production workflow.

James shone a spotlight on talent shortages within the world of virtual production and how we are still writing the playbook - explaining that each time you step into the volume, you learn something new.

Launches & showcases.

A celebration of the very latest innovations and technologies, NAB Show is an exciting opportunity for providers to showcase new products and softwares to a global audience.

Following the launch of their first Mobile Virtual Production SuperStudio at last year’s NAB Show, this year, Magic Box unveiled their second generation truck. The moveable virtual production studio, with ability to change sets each day, provides a flexible and efficient solution for content creators looking to produce high quality productions.

We saw the launch of Brompton Technologies’ exciting new innovation, Truelight. The cutting-edge technology - driven by the new Tessera G1, the industry’s most powerful receiver card - enables full calibration of the pixels and control of the light spectrum to bring increased realism and colour rendering for individuals and objects.


Our virtual production studio partners, Vu, launched their brand-new software platform, Virtual Studio by Vū.

The new, comprehensive suite of generative virtual production software applications will empower stage operators to be more efficient with the running of productions, and ‘catapult studios and filmmakers into a new era of immersive storytelling, creative visualisation and production for the virtual world.’