Post-Production: What is it?

3 min read 10.07.2023 Thought leadership

Whether you’re making a brand video for your LinkedIn, or an Oscar-winning feature film, post-production is one of the most important parts of any production process.

In this video, we’ll explore the different stages of post-production and why they matter.


The part of post-production that you’re likely most familiar with is editing.

During the edit, we’ll be selecting and arranging the footage that best tells your message or story.

This involves cutting and rearranging content to shape the final narrative and set out the flow of your video.


Sound design is where we build dialogue, music and sound effects into your video to enhance its overall audio experience.

This adds depth, emotion, and atmosphere to your video, and helps to create an immersive viewing experience for your audience.


VFX, or visual effects, are digitally created elements that are added to your video to create visual enhancements.

Visual effects are often used in films, commercials, and advertising campaigns to add visual appeal, create a sense of realism, and bring imagination to life.


Colour grading involves adjusting and enhancing the colours, tones, and contrast of your footage to achieve a desired visual style or mood.

It’s an important step in the post-production process and can really impact the overall look and feel of your video, contributing to the visual storytelling.


Once your edit is complete, your video will be rendered in the correct format, resolution, and aspect ratio, ready to be distributed across your channel of choice - whether that’s your website, social media or broadcast!

When done well, post-production can really bring your content to life, and can transform your video into a show-stopping campaign that will be BIG for your brand.

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