Wycombe Abbey Recruitment Video

Type Video Culture focused recruitment video created to engage prospective staff to visit the new HR portal.

Wycombe Abbey a world-leading school in girls boarding education approached CUBE to create a recruitment video to engage prospective staff by focusing on the culture and environment of the school.

Pre-production Industry Research, Pre-interviews
Production Experienced production team and drone pilot
Post-production Optimised videos for use on website

Culture focused recruitment video

The goal

  • To create a video that focused on the environment at Wycombe Abbey
  • Showcasing the school's culture
  • Portraying the staff values at the school
  • Creating an engaging and culture-focused approach to their recruitment video

Our process

Working closely with the Wycombe Abbey HR and marketing team, we hosted a number of pre-interviews with staff at the school to build a solid direction for the interviews. We also conducted industry research, looking at content from Wycombe Abbey's competitors to create a narrative that would make the school's recruitment campaign stand out from the crowd.

The outcome

A completed video with optimised versions for sharing on the Wycombe Abbey website, careers page, and social media channels.