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The Need for Impactful Crowdfunding

In the competitive landscape of crowdfunding, a compelling video is often the linchpin that sets a campaign apart. LOOM co-founders Han-Rui Chiew and Andres Mendoza, recognised the significance of visually engaging storytelling to attract potential investors and engaged CUBE to bring their vision to life.

With a wealth of experience in creating impactful startup campaign videos, we wanted to bring a strategic edge to LOOM's crowdfunding initiative.

Drawing from past successes like the Airhead Facebook Campaign, CUBE understands the specific storytelling nuances crucial for startup success.

Han-Rui Chiew and Andres Mendoza
Loom Club
Loom Club

No Physical Location...Yet

The uniqueness of this project lies in the fact that LOOM's first location was still under construction during the production phase.

Facing this challenge, CUBE's concept for LOOM's crowdfunding video focused on conveying the intended feelings, moods, and energy of the future locations.

Loom Club - Under Construction Loom Club - Under Construction
Loom Club - Under Construction BTS
Loom Club - Under Construction BTS
“Tight schedules and the twist of the location being under construction during the production phase, virtual production became essential for LOOM..”
Owen Riseley, Creative

The Creative Concept: A Journey Through Transformation

LOOM's video aimed to educate potential investors about their vision while inspiring the future community within their space. CUBE's concept, lead by Creative Producer Owen Riseley, focused on conveying the intended feelings, moods, and energy of LOOM's locations. Surreal elements and carefully chosen colour palettes depicted transitions from isolation to community and monotony to vibrancy.

The creative spark for LOOM's crowdfunding video was ignited by a Vogue Lectures Teaser video reference. This served as a source of inspiration, guiding the visual storytelling and weaving together the individual threads that define LOOM's unique identity.

Redefining Crowdfunding Success

The most noteworthy accomplishment of this collaboration was the rapid success of LOOM's crowdfunding campaign. Within a mere two days of the video's release, LOOM achieved 90% funding, showcasing the powerful impact of a well-executed crowdfunding video in captivating investor interest.

Loom Club - Virtual Production
Loom Club - Virtual Production
Loom Club - Virtual Production


The collaboration between LOOM and CUBE serves as a testament to the transformative power of virtual production.

As the landscape of content creation evolves, virtual production stands out as a powerful tool for creating impactful narratives that resonate with audiences, drive success and serve as a solution to any production and creative challenge.