Global production for GROHE X

Type Video A global production featuring 18 countries for the GROHE X platform to profile the greatest projects in which GROHE products have featured

CUBE took on the challenge of running a global production during the pandemic. We produced videos across 18 countries to create branded content, hero content and campaign videos. These videos featured designers and architects within their projects and showcased the beauty and uniqueness of these places and spaces.

The goal

  • To produce videos across the world that feature the most exciting and interesting projects that GROHE product features within
  • To provide valuable assets to be used across channels
  • To provide a consistent delivery of content to match a demanding release schedule

Our process

Our project management and production team were on hand throughout the production to maintain a consent output and delivery.

  • Briefing calls with video production companies and directors
  • Storyboarding
  • Virtual directing
  • Video Production
  • Post-production to create long-form and short-form edits
  • Over 90 videos produced for website platform and social channels
  • GROHE X has received multiple awards and international recognition such as a Red Dot Award and the Digital Communication Awards
  • Hundreds of thousands of views
  • New campaigns for 2022
Pater Noster
Senatoriu Pasa┼żas
“The crew were a delight and they nailed the brief.”
Brand Manager, GROHE