Icons of Denmark 3D visualisation

Type Video 3D visualisation of the Crossover chair, where the task chair meets sophisticated profile of a meeting chair.

Sophistication meets functionality

The ability to craft visuals beyond normal reality always presents endless possibilities. CUBE was commissioned to bring the Icons of Denmark Crossover chair to another dimension. We used high-quality 3D visuals to help launch the Crossover chair to market.

“3D animation gives you endless possibilities to showcase a product pre-market to the potential buyer without even leaving the office.”

The goal

  • To launch the Crossover chair into the market.
  • Show the sophistication and functionality of the chair.
  • Be used as a powerful asset on the brand's website and social media.

Our process

Our creative team worked closely with the client to generate moodboards, a storyboard and to design 3D models that showcase the functionality and sophistication of the Crossover chair.

  • Creative direction
  • Moodboards
  • Storyboarding
  • 3D model design
  • Textures and backdrops
  • 3D animation
IoD Crossover Chair - CUBE 3D Visualisation
3D visualisation image
Photorealistic Photography
“A meeting point between two concepts – the ergonomics and functionality of a task chair combined with the sophisticated profile of a meeting chair.”
Olivia, Head of Marketing
CUBE - Icons of Denmark Crossover Chair


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