The Key to Success in WFH Culture

5 min read 07.09.2020 Insights

Lockdown has forced UK businesses to speed up their adoption of tech to stay connected and engaged with their employees and clients. The need to communicate, inspire and collaborate has never been greater and with a rush back to the office looking slim(even after the pandemic), and remote working having proven its capabilities – a new work culture is hastily emerging.

So what does this mean for business?

The move to a more nomadic workforce will impact every aspect of business – internal and external. How you communicate, train and inspire your workforce will need revisiting and how do you engage and sell to clients when ‘face to face’ opportunities are far fewer?

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One tool which has taken center stage as a key investment to ride this new work landscape is video – Zoom, for example, has become a verb!

It’s no surprise, video communication is the next best thing to ‘face to face’.

This presents an exciting challenge and an opportunity. So here are some key examples of how investing in video communication and content can elevate your business through this pandemic, empower the work from home culture, make savings, and solve many of the problems we currently face in the transition.

“It’s no surprise, video communication is the next best thing to ‘face to face’..”
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Internal Communication

As we face uncertain times it is important to keep employees motivated, inspired and informed. Short videos driven by an interview with the CEO or company leaders can create a connection between upper management and the rest of the business and are much more engaging and personal than newsletters and emails. They can easily instil a sense of transparency to encourage greater corporate loyalty and increase in morale. Videos of this nature could be:

  • Updates about current developments, and performance
  • Changes in the marketplace that have implications on the business and how the business prepared to tackle them.
  • Congratulations for good work being done.
  • Keep everyone informed of changes in direction, structure, philosophy etc


Video solves some of today’s most common employee training challenges especially for nomadic workforces. It helps instructors increase training quality, speed and effectiveness — all while significantly lowering program costs.

  • Studies have shown that employees are 75% more likely to learn by watching a video than reading written documents, emails, or web articles.
  • There are huge savings to be had by creating on-demand video training programmes. Savings on venue hire, logistics and travel costs which can be as much as 40% of any training programme. Microsoft itself cut its costs of training staff down from $320 an hour to just $17 when it moved to a video on-demand training solution.

Video-based training also ensures everyone receives the same information and consistent learning experience wherever they are based. This can be critical for many subjects such as compliance training or anything policy-related.

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Sales and customer engagement

72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video. As a format it also allows you to share more information about your products and services when compared to images or even gifs. You can host a wide range of videos on YouTube, your website, and share it across your social media platforms along with sharing via email.

Not sure what content to create? Have a think about:

  • On-boarding videos for customers
  • Product demo videos
  • Easy to follow tutorial videos
  • Product unboxing videos
  • Case study videos
  • Share your brand story
  • Customer review videos
  • Highlights of your summit or webinar
  • Brand collaboration promotion videos
  • “New Feature” Video or GIF

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